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Priorities, or not.

by On-Air Personalities posted Jun 20 2011 2:26PM
Take a look at the tote bag that actress Katie Holmes had on the beach the other day. The one with the horse on it. Cute bag, right? 
It's actually a $2700 cute tote bag. Yes. $2700. On the beach. Wet. Sandy. Full of who knows what. And still costs $2700. 

Tell you what. I think that, even if you have $2700 for a stinkin' tote bag to take to the beach, actually TAKING said $2700 tote bag to the beach should be cause for societal intervention.

If you are so mentally, socially and morally vacuous as to take a $2700 tote bag to the beach, your money should be taken and administered for you by a keeper who knows that it is completely insane to spend $2700 on a tote bag, much less take it to the beach.

That is all. 

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People : Katie Holmes
06/20/2011 2:26PM
Priorities, or not.
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06/20/2011 3:12PM
no "Like" button!?!! likelikelikelike
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