Chip Valentine


Born in a backwoods swamp in Thibodaux, Louisiana but raised right here in North Alabama, Chip Valentine makes your drive home better all afternoon here on Q107. A graduate of Muscle Shoals High School and The University of North Alabama, Chip has strived to bring intelligence, integrity, and compassion to the Shoals area for years. That doesn’t mean though that Chip doesn’t know how to have fun. He is consumate podcaster, dancer, chef, and comedian. Chip’s theory on how glow sticks work was actually Warner Brother’s working basis for the “Matrix” movies. He has tried for over a decade now to appear on the popular TV show “Jeopardy” but hasn’t been invited to compete for the reasons both that he’s covered in tattoos and also just isn’t very bright.

He currently lives in Florence with his wife and wonder dog. Listen to him Monday through Friday from 2pm to 6pm and for Yacht Rock Weekends Saturday and Sunday Afternoons here on Q107!