Jimmy O

I began my career in this business in 1975 at the radio station with the greatest call letters ever, WRCK 106 ROCK . As a part time DJ my job was to do what all part timers do ,work when others didn’t want to. And I did. My first schedules were 18 hours every weekend. After years of working at every radio station in the shoals, leaving radio, coming back to radio, working jobs on the side and so on, I began working for what I think is the best family and company anyone could hope to work for, Big River Broadcasting.

My current position here is host of “Your Morning Show” on Q107. In the latest Arbitron ratings (fall winter 09) our show was # 1 in the Florence Shoals market. This backs up what I’ve always said, we have the most loyal listeners of any radio station I’ve ever known. I also carrry the title of Promotions Director, which means anything we do I should be there. I also am the football play by play voice for our new Internet-based sports platform called FlorenceFalcons.tv.

On a personal note, after years of living the single life I am now married to the greatest woman you could ever dream of (suck up begins here) Brandi. We have one child, a yorkie named BoJo which stands for Brandi O and Jimmy O. I did’nt think of the name, I’m not that clever but my wife is. I love to play golf when I’m not working and when i’m not playing golf, I love to play golf.

That’s all and thanks for listening!

– Jimmy O

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