15 Awesome Ways to Celebrate The End of Summer

1. Take the bikes out for a long ride.

2. Spend Labor Day relaxing at the fair. 

3. Take summer to the water. 

4. Eat ice cream for every meal. 

5. Get out of the city one last time. 

6. Stay up past bedtime.

7. Take a day trip. 

8. Find amusement for the littlest ones.

9. Abandon your kitchen table.

10. Make summer memories. 

11. The season is ripe for cherries (patience, wait a little later for some apples). 

12. In a rush to get your kiddos some new clothes for school? Want to get more than a bang for your buck? Consignment are bargain hotspots for your kiddos new wear. If you’re one to spend a fair amount, at least you’ll leave overflowing with clothes, rather than a light-weight bag and empty wallet.

13. What an old school trip! Fishing is a great way for pops to bond with their kids.

14. We can’t all afford ponies, but we can enjoy a family ride on horseback! 

15. With summer drawing to an end, and all the big vacations planned and gone, there are still some penny-pinching spots to hit up, from movies to hikes, to museums and water parks, we’re sure you’ll find one more way to spend amazing family time together.

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